Special Packs

Santa's Workshop

Merry Washmas! This winter season we’re giving the gift of sudsy satisfaction in this free seasonal map for PowerWash Simulator. It’s time to chill out with a systematic spray-down of Santa’s Workshop.

Santa’s elves have had a major accident involving soot and ice cream... quite how this happened is anyone’s guess, but if anyone can uncover the dirt, it’s you. With Christmas just one sleep away, the incident has been escalated to code: Rudolph red. But all is not frost! You’re here to tackle the clean-up. The best things come in tall packages, and you can reach all the high spots (well, maybe with the help of a ladder here and there)! 

Unwrap a whole new look with a custom festive skin for your power washer and settle in for the coziest clean yet in an all-new cable-knit suit and gloves. 

Cleaning this place will be easier sled than done; it’ll take nothing short of a Christmas miracle to reveal the wonderous and whimsical workshop that lies beneath. Equip your trusty power washer to spruce up the tree and restore those candy-canes back to mint condition. Have the place looking good as new for the big day and you might just end up on the nice list.