Special Packs

Tomb Raider Special Pack

Whilst some seek the thrill of adventure, others prefer good clean fun - that’s where you come in! Grapple with grime in the ultimate quest to defeat all dirt covering Croft Manor and its grounds, along with Lara’s trusty vehicles.

Lara’s childhood home is impressive but in need of some serious TLC to restore it to its full potential - rumor has it, the owner much prefers a life of danger to domesticity. You’ve been commissioned to undertake the ultimate cleaning caper.

Your client may be used to less-than-ideal conditions out on the trail, but only the very best will do when it comes to the Croft residence. Unwind and blast away every speck of dirt you can track down, whilst Lara regales you with tales of past adventures.

Wash and explore five new levels, including:

  • The illustrious Croft Manor
  • The iconic Obstacle Course
  • The mysterious Croft Manor Maze
  • Lara’s trusty Jeep and Motorboat
  • Lara’s majestic Treasure Room